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calling jupyter notebook outputs error

See original GitHub issue


jupyter notebook --NotebookApp.kernel_spec_manager_class='environment_kernels.EnvironmentKernelSpecManager'

causes this error:

[C 15:15:03.610 NotebookApp] Bad config encountered during initialization:
[C 15:15:03.610 NotebookApp] The 'kernel_spec_manager_class' trait of <notebook.notebookapp.NotebookApp object at 0x10314af90> instance must be a type, but u'environment_kernels.EnvironmentKernelSpecManager' could not be imported

How should I deal with this issue?

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buddhashresthacommented, Aug 20, 2018

You need to install environment_kernels using : pip install environment_kernels

nocibambicommented, Feb 14, 2019

Same issue. I cannot run jupyter notebook from the system (but it works from another environment).

Here, someone solved by editing the config, but did not specify which one.

Ok, so I solved it finally, here are the steps:

  1. In terminal, find the configurations directories with jupyter --paths.
  2. In one of the directories there I found jupyter_notebook_config.json
  3. Save a back up copy 😉
  4. From the file delete the following line:
"kernel_spec_manager_class": "nb_conda_kernels.CondaKernelSpecManager" 
  1. Delete the comma preceding it. (Duh, I know…)
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