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There is no "input.txt" file in the solution directory!

See original GitHub issue

Same as issue #17 - Can’t seems to make it work. I tried updating the version to 1.9.2 but it didn’t work. Tried with node v16.18.1 and node v19.2.0 Working on macOS Monterey, Intel i5 processor.

Can you please have a look? thanks! 🙏🏼

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  • Created 9 months ago
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itaykatanovcommented, Dec 9, 2022

I may have found the issue…my project resided within a folder with a blank space ( ) in her name (i.e. my folder). The response of getFilesTrace encodes blank space to %20 (/User/my%20folder/aocrunner...), so apparently my machine doesn’t recognize it, instead it only escapes blank space: my\ folder.

Not sure why this is, but I just remove the blank space from the folder name and it seems to be working…thanks!

See this:

caderekcommented, Dec 9, 2022

Thanks, I will keep this open to see if I can prevent it from happening.

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