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Showing Dates / Timestamps for log entries

See original GitHub issue

I really like the logdown.js project but does it support timestamps in front of log messages?

We are looking for something that can replace our current log library which gives us these features:


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  • Created 7 years ago
  • Comments:5 (3 by maintainers)

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caiogondimcommented, Sep 29, 2016

For timestamps in Chrome you can use this checkbox: sep-29-2016 13-49-43

But that would work only in Chrome, not in other browsers or Node.js We can implement this Seems to be easy and straight forward

I’m thinking in an API similar to

// Prints timestamp in the format `2016-08-13` or `YYYY-MM-DD`
const logger1 = new Logdown({
  prefix: 'lorem',
  timestamp: true

// If a string is passed, we use it as a template for formatting the timestamp
const logger2 = new Logdown({
  prefix: 'lorem',
  timestamp: 'MM/DD/YYYY'

// Throws an error in case we can't parse the string passed as template
const logger3 = new Logdown({
  prefix: 'lorem',
  timestamp: 'ipsum'


caiogondimcommented, Oct 24, 2016


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