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Switch to eslint and prettier

See original GitHub issue

Let’s do that!

I’m not agree with the rules, that standard js dictates, but this is another story. The reason why I suggesting this is because eslint + prettier will produce match more better dev experience. Standardjs has a slogan ‘No decisions to make’, but that is really not true.

If you look at standard docs or the code of logdown you will see eslint comments everywhere. So we are know exactly what decision was made and we are depending on that decision. According to this the standard lib has no sense. There is no encapsulation and moreover configs can not be completely avoided (e.g. ignore config), so in the end result standard is half-hearted solution (at least in the modern world). Better to use eslint directly (we can set up exactly the same rules). It will provide better IDE integration, because everyone has eslint extension installed. Another one good thing is that we will be able to remove /* eslint-env jest */ comments and use eslint overrides instead.

Additionally we can add precommit hooks, that will ensure, that we are commiting linted and pushing tested code.

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lipiscommented, Dec 26, 2017

@bennyn here you go: #104 😃

stale[bot]commented, Jan 25, 2018

This issue has been automatically marked as stale because it has not had recent activity. It will be closed if no further activity occurs. Thank you for your contributions.

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