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Action conventions for async methods

See original GitHub issue

The current conventions are like x:Name="Delete" ==> Binds to methods Delete() and guard property CanDelete.

The guideline for methods with async modifiers is to add an Async suffix to them. For example:

public async Task DeleteAsync()

Now there’s a question: should the convention pick up x:Name="Delete" => DeleteAsync() or should we rename to x:Name="DeleteAsync"?

Also, the convention should accept guard methods which don’t have an Async suffix. For example:

public async Task DeleteAsync();
public bool CanDelete { get; }

per guideline the property should not have an Async suffix because it’s not async.

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BrunoJuchlicommented, May 5, 2015


Methods returning Task are treated by Caliburn.Micro like coroutines. When the Task throws an Exception you’ll be informed by the Coroutine.Completed event. The ResultCompletionEventArgs.Error property will contain the Exception.

nigel-sampsoncommented, Nov 29, 2015

Resolved in #158 still considering changing the behavior of coroutines.

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