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Problem rebinding viewmodel to usercontrol

See original GitHub issue

Hi I have problem in conductor page, I thing it may be a bug.

I have Conductor<IScreen> that is holding one and only active viewModel (DashboardViewModel or LoginViewModel)

In xaml I have:

<!-- it is visible only when Login is not null ->
<con:myControl1 cal:Bind.Model="{Binding LoginViewModel}" />

<!-- it is visible only when Dashboard is not null ->
<con:myControl2 cal:Bind.Model="{Binding DashboardViewModel}" />

in myControl1 I have another control in myControl1 with binding text and events to action

<TextBox x:name="SomeText" />
                cal:Message.Attach="[Event CharAdded] = [Action CharAdded($eventArgs)]; [Event CharRemoved] = [Action CharRemoved]" />

In conductor I switch betwean DashboardViewModel and LoginViewModel. (Only one is active) and at activation time it is created new one:

if (logout) {
    LoginViewModel = new LoginViewModel(); // It is notif. property.

At first start everything is fine. CharAdded is calling. But if I recreate LoginViewModel after user logout, it is not rebinding to user control.

I try:

<con:myControl1 cal:Bind.ModelWithoutContext="{Binding LoginViewModel}" />

It is not working also, and “SomeText” isn’t filled at all.

I try also:

<myControl1 DataContext="{Binding LoginViewModel}" cal:Bind.ModelWithoutContext="{Binding}" />

It works only first time, second time, SomeText is binding to new value but, attatchet actions (e.g CharAdded ) are executed on old ViewModel.

How I can switching betwean viewModels with binding and actions?

Thank for answer (and sorry for bad english 😃)

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  • Created 9 years ago
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tibelcommented, Jun 27, 2014

@matopeto What you are looking for is described in in Please use StackOverflow for questions and not the issue tracker.

nigel-sampsoncommented, Jun 26, 2014

Ok, this requirement seems different from your first post and I’m a bit confused.

For the first post about essentially having two separate states for your view model (using a conductor). One way to achieve this is make use of the Conductor’s ActiveItem property that will get changed depending on whether you active LoginViewModel or DashboardViewModel.

Your view would contain something like:

<ContentControl x:Name="ActiveItem" />

This would mean for instance when you logout and activate LogOutViewModel the view changes to the correct view and binds correctly.

You’re right this is using the 1:1 relationship. If you’re looking to break the panorama items up into separate views / view models then your PanoramaViewModel could inherit from Conductor<IScreen>.Collection.OneActive where you create a collection of view models, each corresponding to a separate view for each of the panorama items.

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