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[Proposal] Restore the Caliburn.Micro.Xamarin.Forms NuGet package to enable XF on platforms other than iOS and Android

See original GitHub issue

I would like to propose that we restore the Caliburn.Micro.Xamarin.Forms NuGet package as it was available in 3.2.0 and also in the first 4.0.0 alpha.

My understanding as to why the package was removed was that the new SDK project model did not allow for including internal .dll’s in a NuGet package. One Project = One Package with one dll (#707).

However, I have looked into it and with some MSBuild tinkering it is possible to include an internal dll I have made an implementation in My Fork on the master branch that demonstrates how we could restore the XF package this includes a SDK project dedicated to build the XF package but using linked files from the platform project.

This is a breaking change so I would like to hear how you feel about this?

@nigel-sampson, @vb2ae, @mbreckon, @CoreyVincent

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  • Created 3 years ago
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github_iconTop GitHub Comments

vb2aecommented, Oct 4, 2020

I am fine with that. People can still use an older version of the Caliburn.Micro NuGet package if they want to use net45

KasperSKcommented, Oct 4, 2020

I will how do you guys fell about only supporting net461 and not net45?

It is because i made the core package netstandard2.0 and the lowest framework version that is supported is net461.

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