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View not displayed on tabbedpage

See original GitHub issue

I’m creating application based on features example. I copied conductor view and view model and tab page view and view model to my application. Title is displayed but content no. InitializeComponent from tab page is called (twice per tab?!). I changed datatemplate to using ContetnView but this not helps at all. I’m using caliburn micro v3.0.3 with Xamarin Forms v2.3.4.231. Any sugestion why content of tabpage is not displaying?

Even this is not working (strange) <Grid> <ContentView cal:View.Model="{Binding Payments}"></ContentView> </Grid>

PaymentsView is not inserted as content. I see only blank page.

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  • Created 6 years ago
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nigel-sampsoncommented, May 8, 2017

Thanks for the repository, managed to track the issue down.

TabView is inheriting from ContentPage which unlike the other xaml platforms doesn’t inherit from ContentView so can’t used interchangeably like Page and UserControl can be in say UWP.

Switching TabView to ContentView in both the .xaml and .xaml.cs has it load correctly.

nigel-sampsoncommented, Jul 25, 2018

Whenever you see something like the xaml below you can imagine that Caliburn.Micro is examining the type of the Payments property on the view model and determining the correct view for that view model.

<ContentView cal:View.Model="{Binding Payments}" />

For examples sake we’ll say the type of Payments is PaymentsListViewModel, the view by convention would be PaymentsListView.

Caliburn.Micro is then going to instantiate an instance of that view, bind it to the Payments property and insert this new view into the ContentView above.

Now if you look at the Content property on ContentView you’ll see it’s of the type Xamarin.Forms.View. This means trying to insert a view that doesn’t indirectly inherit from Xamarin.Forms.View will result in an error.

What you’ll notice is that all the *Page types in Xamarin.Forms inherit from Page and not View (XF is special here, in the other xaml stacks you’ll see Page typeically inherit View so the can often be used interchangably).

What this means that if your ProductsListView is a Page and not a View you won’t see the view. Switching the root element in the xaml corrects the issues.

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