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[QUESTION] Information on NER component

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Hello, I wanted to know if you could provide some information regarding the NER component of the library.

In the catalog JSON file, you mention that you are using a finetuned AraBERT model, with the specified version being 1.0.0. So from here, I wanted to know:

  • whether the model used as base was indeed AraBERTv1 from this repo ?
  • which dataset you used ?
  • whether you used the FARASA preprocessing for the finetuning or your own given that they used the former for pretraining ?

I ask because while doing some research I saw that your lab has produced multiple arabic BERT models, which have the benefit of:

  • having used the camel_tools preprocessing rather the FARASA for both pretraining and finetuning
  • have dialect-specific variants, which may be interesting in some cases
  • seem to outperform the AraBERTv1 on NER tasks according to your paper

I was wondering whether you would consider making these models available for use in this library ? I know you have released the code and pretrained model, and I am planning on experimenting with this, but thought it would be a nice addition.

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balhafnicommented, Oct 3, 2021

So for the NER component, we didn’t do any preprocessing before fine-tuning and we used aubmindlab/bert-base-arabertv01, which did not use FARASA segmentation before the pretraining.

We also just released new NER models which were fine-tuned using our own CAMeLBERT models on Hugging Face’s model hub. Here’s an example on how to use the CAMeLBERT NER MSA model. Disclaimer: Although in the example we use the NER component from CAMeL Tools to load the model directly from hub, this is still a work in progress so please use with caution.

owocommented, Oct 1, 2021

Hi @rom1K ,

The version numbers in catalogue.json are our own internal versioning for datasets and have nothing to do with the AraBERT version used. @balhafni could tell you the exact AraBERT version we used in our current model.

We fine-tune using the ANERcorp dataset (you can read more about that in our paper) but we don’t use FARASA for pereprocessing. Again, @balhafni can tell you exactly what preprocessing we perform.

We definitely plan to incorporate the new BERT models in a future release of camel-tools 😃

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