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UnicodeEncodeError when using Stream flavor

See original GitHub issue

Python 3.7 on Windows

Using this pdf:

I am running it through Camelot to convert to html using Stream flavor and I get the following error at execution of the export line, once it reaches page 4 of 8:

“UnicodeEncodeError -‘charmap’ codec can’t encode character ‘\u2010’ in position y: character maps to undefined.”

Pages 1 through 3 get converted nicely - it crashes somewhere between page 4 and 5. In debug with the breakpoint after the tables.export line, it also brings me to line 19 of, if that’s helpful.

I am on Windows, and this seems not to be an issue on Mac. But Windows is our environment so I have to figure this out. I have done a ton of research on this error and everything for this in Python world points to either adding encoding="utf-8" or errors="ignore", but those both relate to the method and can’t be used in Camelot’s export method.

Any thoughts on what I could add to the script to get around this error? We can’t avoid using Windows, and this seems to be the final blocker for us for being able to really make great use of this tool for our PDF’s.

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anakin87commented, Aug 25, 2020

It is my first PR. If it is uncorrect, please provide some help.

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