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Can't select Grid prefab for project

See original GitHub issue

I’m trying to use a different grid prefab for my levels, but the selector for Grid Prefabs isn’t showing any assets, not even the default LDtkDefaultGrid. I’m guessing it can’t see the prefabs because they’re a GameObject and just contain a Grid, whereas the asset picker is filtering for type Grid.

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  • State:closed
  • Created 2 years ago
  • Comments:12 (9 by maintainers)

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Cammincommented, Apr 22, 2021

I believe I have a solution concerning int grid values. I’ve been exploring Unity Tilemaps API more and discovered that Tiles utilize an inherited TileBase, which essentially means that any sort of custom scripting could be set up for tiles, whether it’s art, creating game objects, collision shape via sprite, even animated tiles. 😃
Unity docs for inheriting from TileBase here.

Also, to help allow JSON data to be communicated to the tiles during the level building process, I’m going to experiment with either an extra layer of inheritance (ex. LDtkTile) or using interfaces (ex. ILDtkTileColor, ILDtkIntGridValue). If this idea doesn’t work out then I’ll try something else.

I’m going to add this TileBase field when I get around to it and see how it works out. It’s not on my agenda right now but something I want to add to the project pretty soon. It might even show up next update; we’ll see as time tells.

I believe this will help out with achieving your own goals with int grid value tiles. It lends itself to a more “open nature”. 🙂

Cammincommented, Jun 6, 2021

I’m leaving this issue as resolved, but feel free to reopen (or post new different issue) if necessary 🙂

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