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UserId is always null when refresh token

See original GitHub issue


I am using: Camunda Platform RUN - 7.14.0 KeyCloak Plugin 2.1.0

Our client configuration in the keycloak plugin is as follows:

  clientId: ${}
  clientSecret: ${keycloak.client.secret}
  useUsernameAsCamundaUserId: true
  useGroupPathAsCamundaGroupId: true

Login works fine, but we do see warnings ins camunda logs regulary:

2021-07-12 13:50:38.235 ERROR 11 --- [io-8080-exec-13] org.camunda.bpm.extension.keycloak       : KEYCLOAK-01012 TOKEN refresh failed: 400 Bad Request: [{"error":"invalid_grant","error_description":"Invalid refresh token"}]

In Keycloak, I can see that the userId is null.

12:24:06,767 WARN  [] (default task-366) type=REFRESH_TOKEN_ERROR, realmId=dpa, clientId=camunda-identity-service, userId=null, ipAddress=, error=invalid_token, grant_type=refresh_token, client_auth_method=client-secret

Now, according to this stackoverflow the error message from keycloak inbalid refresh token may be connected with an invalid userId.

Is it possible userId is somehow not set in KeyCloakIdentityProviderPlugin?

Thank you for any hint.


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  • Created 2 years ago
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VonDerBeckcommented, Jul 13, 2021


One more hint: refreshing the token does not use the userId. It uses the refresh token part from the original token together with grant type refresh_token. So it is not a mistake, that the userId within the request is null. All data required by Keycloak is then taken from the sent refresh token. The mistake is, that the refresh token is not accepted any more.

Can you attach the settings of the camunda-identity-service ?

VonDerBeckcommented, Jul 13, 2021

Hi @Noordsestern,

this looks strange. Maybe an incomplete configuration? Before anything else I would check the following things:

  1. Have you checked all the prerequesites in the Keycloak realm mentioned in the README?
  2. Under plugin.identity.keycloak: you should configure either an administratorUserId or an administratorGroupName. When using the group you should have a user assigned to this group within the realm you’re connecting to.

Ok, so far for the simple standard stuff. What else? Hmm…

Can you tell me a little bit more about your user management on the Keycloak side? Do you just setup a trial and use Keycloak internal users? Are you using the LDAP federation? Are you using any other connections? Did you do anything special within your Keycloak instance? Or did you just follow the proposed standard setup of the camunda-identity-service? What about Camunda Spring Boot? Do you aim for the complete SSO setup? Or do you keep using the Camunda Login Form?

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