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[Testing] Solve problems because of Spring Tests running multi-threaded

See original GitHub issue

With the current setup, workers run in a separate thread, even if started up within a test case, as they are constructed normally.

The multi-thread setup leads to issues when asserting state or waiting for idle, like:

  1. Wired issues with the InMemoryEngine of Zeebe:
  2. WaitForIdle method on the InMemoryEngine does not work, as the workers are independent, leading to workaround like:
 public void waitForCompletion(ProcessInstanceEvent processInstance) {
        Awaitility.await().atMost(Duration.ofMillis(1000)).untilAsserted(() -> {
            Thread.sleep(500L); // required to avoid

This needs to be solved differently.

Still, my goal would be to allow workers to use the @ZeebeWorker annotation normally.

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  • Created 2 years ago
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berndrueckercommented, Feb 3, 2022

This was fixed with the latest zeebe-process-test 1.3.3 release. Thanks to @remcowesterhoud 🎉

berndrueckercommented, Dec 21, 2021

Hi @pihme! Let me give you a quick gist here - but also happy to hop on a Zoom call to discuss!

I want to write a test case, that tests all process-related artifacts, which for me is the process model, and all glue code around it. If you look at you can see, that this simple uses the process model and then I could make assumptions on the side effects. In this case, I would just mock the REST-Client injected in

This is inline to how many customers write test cases with Camunda Platform, see as an example. There you test all surrounding glue code together with the process model - this gives you a good confidence that your process solution works. This is also described as “Scope 1” in (just that so far I struggled to switch to single-threaded workers in spring-zeebe, which is kind of this issue).

Testing the adapters would be nice, but I don’t see many people doing this in isolation. Same for the process model. I find the sketched scope the most pragmatic approach to test all important aspects in one go - and thus I find it most likely that people are really doing it.

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