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Sharing "locationHref" to Telegram

See original GitHub issue

Hi, I know this is a very specific request but is it possible to add an option to get window.location.href.

For example instead of: tg://msg_url?url={searchTerms} it will be tg://msg_url?url={locationHref}

For now I use tg://msg_url?url={searchTerms} and paste URL into input field myself and it works but getting locationHref as variable would be great. image

Another use case for this could be opening URL with a proxy, for example

It’s still very specific 😃 but it would be great if you consider.

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  • Created 4 years ago
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CanisLupuscommented, Mar 21, 2020

Glad I could help. 😃

Regex is very useful in some situations, though it can be hard to visually parse! The rules are mostly simple, however. I think it’s a useful skill. 😃

CanisLupuscommented, Mar 20, 2020

Hey @mortyobnoxious, in version 3.41.1 (just updated) I added support for modifications on the URL variables. In general, you can use {href{replace_this|with_this}}, but URLs like are different every time, so we need to use regular expressions (not sure if you are familiar with those at all) to try and remove everything that is not the number/ID.

So to filter out 1233962400556122112 from an href like you could use (sorry, this is ugly xD):


In practice:

     {re/[^\d]+/g  	// match anything that is NOT a number...
                 |} 	// and replace it with nothing

However, if the username “BernieSanders” was “B3rni3S4nd3rs”, you’d get _3343_1233962400556122112, so we need something better (i.e. even uglier) like this:


It basically matches all possible characters with .+, then /status/, then a sequence of digits with \d+, and then finally anything irrelevant that might come after in the URL with .+ again. Then it replaces ALL of that with just the thing we placed in parenthesis, which is the number given by (\d+).

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