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Document valid schema for pod's set_spec function and how to set environment variables

See original GitHub issue

I am trying without any success to add an environment variable to a charm I’m building for OpenFaaS:

“env” (as per the Kubernetes schema) fails

“envConfig” as seen in the Istio example also fails.

ops.model.ModelError: b'ERROR json: unknown field "env"\n'
ops.model.ModelError: b'ERROR json: unknown field "envConfig"\n'
ops.model.ModelError: b'ERROR json: unknown field "envs"\n'

Attempted Charm:

    def _on_config_changed(self, _=None):
        pod_spec = self._build_pod_spec()
        self.unit.status = ActiveStatus("OpenFaaS pod ready.")

    def _build_pod_spec(self):
        spec = {
            "containers": [
                    "imageDetails": {"imagePath": "openfaas/gateway:0.20.2"},
                    "ports": [{"containerPort": 8080, "protocol": "TCP"}],
                    "files": [],
                    "config": {},  # used to store hashes of config file text
                    "env": [
                        {"functions_provider_url": ""},
                        {"direct_functions": "false"},
                        {"basic_auth": "false"},
                        {"faas_prometheus_host": ""},
                        {"faas_prometheus_port": "9090"},

Kubernetes schema:

      - name: gateway
              cpu: 50m
              memory: 120Mi
        image: openfaas/gateway:0.20.2
        imagePullPolicy: Always
          readOnlyRootFilesystem: true
          runAsUser: 10001
            path: /healthz
            port: 8080
          timeoutSeconds: 5
            path: /healthz
            port: 8080
          timeoutSeconds: 5
        - name: read_timeout
          value: "65s"
        - name: write_timeout
          value: "65s"
        - name: upstream_timeout

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  • Created 3 years ago
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github_iconTop GitHub Comments

alexelliscommented, Dec 7, 2020

Unfortunately that code gives the error I shared above, would you be open to giving it a try to see if you can figure out what I’ve missed?

lukemarsdencommented, Jan 20, 2021
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