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[juju secrets] Not able to retrieve a new secret in same execution hook

See original GitHub issue

Created a new juju secret and tried to retrieve the secret using id in the same hook execution resulted in SecretNotFoundError. Expectation is to get newly created secret information.

Sample code to reproduce:

    def _test_secrets_action(self, event: ActionEvent) -> None:
        if not self.unit.is_leader():
  "Please run action on lead unit.")
        logger.warning("test-secrets action event triggered")
        secret =
            {'test': 'test'},
        logger.warning(f"Test Secret created: {}")
        secret_ = self.model.get_secret(
        data = secret_.get_content()
        logger.warning(f"Test secret retrieved {secret_}")
        event.set_results({"secret": data})

Error logs:

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/var/lib/juju/agents/unit-keystone-0/charm/./src/", line 847, in <module>
    main(KeystoneOperatorCharm, use_juju_for_storage=True)
  File "/var/lib/juju/agents/unit-keystone-0/charm/venv/ops/", line 445, in main
    _emit_charm_event(charm, dispatcher.event_name)
  File "/var/lib/juju/agents/unit-keystone-0/charm/venv/ops/", line 150, in _emit_charm_event
    event_to_emit.emit(*args, **kwargs)
  File "/var/lib/juju/agents/unit-keystone-0/charm/venv/ops/", line 355, in emit
    framework._emit(event)  # noqa
  File "/var/lib/juju/agents/unit-keystone-0/charm/venv/ops/", line 839, in _emit
  File "/var/lib/juju/agents/unit-keystone-0/charm/venv/ops/", line 914, in _reemit
  File "/var/lib/juju/agents/unit-keystone-0/charm/./src/", line 313, in _test_secrets_action
    secret_ = self.model.get_secret(
  File "/var/lib/juju/agents/unit-keystone-0/charm/venv/ops/", line 283, in get_secret
    info = self._backend.secret_info_get(id=id, label=label)
  File "/var/lib/juju/agents/unit-keystone-0/charm/venv/ops/", line 2873, in secret_info_get
    result = self._run_secret('secret-info-get', *args, return_output=True, use_json=True)
  File "/var/lib/juju/agents/unit-keystone-0/charm/venv/ops/", line 2837, in _run_secret
    raise SecretNotFoundError() from e

Environment details:

juju 3.0/edge + microk8s
ops framework -  secrets branch

Issue Analytics

  • State:closed
  • Created 10 months ago
  • Comments:6 (1 by maintainers)

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

wallyworldcommented, Nov 23, 2022

This appears to be a juju bug as I appear to be able to reproduce using the hook commands directly. We can close this issue once we determine for sure by doing a juju fix.

benhoytcommented, Nov 30, 2022

The fix in has been merged now, so closing this.

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