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Binary incompatibilities in 1.5.1

See original GitHub issue

First off should say that we really like the library, it’s super useful and we’re using it fairly widely (50+ projects) in our codebase at G-Research.

The latest release has a couple of binary incompatibilities in it though which are causing us some headaches, in particular this one:

We’re extending the Requester class to create an instance with baked in Polly retries using some common retry policies that make sense for our networks. I see the new comment on that class suggests we’re no longer safe to be doing this, which is a bit disappointing for a part of the public API. Is there a safe way we can continue to do what we’re doing?

Thanks, Richard

(Edited to reference the right method)

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canton7commented, Dec 26, 2020

The next version of RestEase will have RestClient and RestClient.For<T> overloads which take a HttpMessageHandler, making it easier to use PolicyHttpMessageHandler, and the README will also contain instructions on how to do this.

canton7commented, Feb 13, 2021

Closing as I think we’re done here. Feel free to reopen if you disagree.

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