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Bug with extra ? in URL on mono (Xamarin/Android/.NET Standard 1.1)

See original GitHub issue

I am getting two ?'s in the URLs when building for NETSTANDARD (Xamarin Android) (WPF seemed to work fine.) This causes REST HTTP calls to fail.

  • Potential Problem 1: initialQueryString = "?" + rawQueryParameter; (Requester.ConstructUri)
  • Potential Problem 2: char separator = String.IsNullOrWhiteSpace(query) ? '?' : '&'; (QueryParamBuilder.Build)
  • Definite problem for me 3: sb.Append(hasQuery ? '&' : '?'); (QueryHelpers.AddQueryString)

You can see ?'s are added in a few places and there is a different code path for .NET Framework, so I’m not sure how to best fix this aside from just forcing it to be right inside Requester.ConstructUri.

Temporary hackish fix in Requester.ConstructUri() that worked for me:

var builtQuery = QueryParamBuilder.Build(initialQueryString, queryParams);
if (builtQuery != null && builtQuery.Length > 0 && builtQuery.StartsWith("?")) { builtQuery = builtQuery.Substring(1); }
uriBuilder.Query = builtQuery;

Reference on Stackoverflow:

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  • Created 6 years ago
  • Comments:14 (6 by maintainers)

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

canton7commented, Apr 22, 2017

I did have a code comment in there, but looks like I took it out.

QueryHelpers is imported verbatim from another package. I don’t want to edit it.

jaredthirskcommented, Apr 22, 2017

I saw you put in a TrimStart(‘?’) right before setting the Query property – great! Thanks for making this fix!

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