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Unable decode the dbc file

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I got this dbc file from csselectronics. I am using a simple python code to decode a message. But I get error saying that “KeyError: 4512038398” File “C:\DBC\”, line 17, in <module> db.decode_message(4512038398,b’FFFFFF80B2FFFFFF’) File “C:\Local\Programs\Python\Python311\Lib\site-packages\cantools\database\can\”, line 485, in decode_message message = self._frame_id_to_message[frame_id_or_name] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ KeyError: 4512038398

I know if it is an extended id, then I have to add 0x80000000 to the frame id. I tried that too. Still that frame id cannot be found in the dbc file to decode my message. Is the following code correct?

db = cantools.database.load_file('./css2.dbc')

How do I get this dbc file working from csselectronics?

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smpshehancommented, Dec 2, 2022

Thanks for all your help @juleq. So I had replace the last 2 bytes with FE. So CFE6C00 => CFE6CFE That will give me the matching frame id in my dbc file, which is a J1939 CAN dbc file

juleqcommented, Dec 1, 2022

Depends on what you want to do. If you just want to decode a few frames, you can just adapt the ids in the dbc and use cantools. If you need more elaborate j1939 support, another tool might be more useful to you.

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