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applyEach arguments position

See original GitHub issue

Currently the applyEach and applyEachSeries functions have the following type signature:

async.applyEach(fns, ...args?, callback?)

Having a rest parameter in the middle of the arguments list is very difficult to write a type annotation for. It’s currently not possible in either Flow or TypeScript, which is why you see stuff like this (I’m writing a similar type definition for Flow right now).

Would it be okay to switch the argument order around and make callback nullable so it is like this?

async.applyEach(fns, callback | null, ...args?)

Or use an array instead of a rest parameter?

async.applyEach(fns, args?: Array<any>, callback?)

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  • Created 7 years ago
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jamiebuildscommented, Jul 12, 2016

I’ve proposed allowing the usage of spread elements within tuples to solve this case syntactically

function method(...args: [string, ...number, boolean]) {}
aearlycommented, Jul 12, 2016

BTW, I’m 👍 for having the args be an array in the case of applyEach. Having an optional param after a rest param will always lead to ambiguities.

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