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Browser bundle is very large

See original GitHub issue

I’m currently trying to use this library for isomporphic form validation/rendering. However, this lifted my (uncompressed) JS size from ~700kb to 3.1mb.

After removing formidable, async and qs as dependencies (formidable has the largest contribution), and leaving the server implementation to parse form data, my bundle size is sitting at around 900kb. You can see the fork here

You could also remove the dependencies on shims (object-keys, is, object.assign, string.prototype.trim), if you just specified that people who want support for older browsers/runtimes need to include polyfills themselves.

That will result in zero dependencies with almost no loss in functionality. The changes being:

  • You have to parse the form data before handing it over
  • You have to polyfill JS features that aren’t available

I know legacy support is an important feature for this library, as is ease of “plug and play” use, so I wanted to see if there was any interest in reducing dependencies.

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voxpellicommented, Jan 19, 2021

async gets removed as part of #218

ljharbcommented, Jan 20, 2021

2f4ba3a4471a0a64c719d0bbcaa6e9d4b1e9ad8a has dropped the bundle size by 12% without any changes, so that’s a start. #218 seems to drop bundle sizes an additional 4% (from 1.09MB to 1.05MB). Thus, I suspect async is not the biggest contributor.

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