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Using node streams with highland

See original GitHub issue

I often need to use node-csv and JSONStream for processing large files. What is the best way to use these node-style streams with highland so that back-pressure is managed properly?

highlandStream.pipe(csvStream) returns the destination stream which isn’t a highland stream so I can’t continue chaining.

I was finally able to get it to work, but it wasn’t easy:

// Use _(source) to create a generator
function getFeatures(filename){ 

  var _push, _next;

  // Setup JSONStream that generates many events
  var featureStream = fs.createReadStream(path.join(sourceDir, filename))
        .on('data', function(feature){
          // Pause the stream until the generator is called again
          // to manage back-pressure properly
          _push(null, feature);
        .on('end', function(){
          _push(null, _.nil);

  return _(function(push, next){    
    _push = push;
    _next = next;
    // Resume the stream to get the next data event from the json stream

Besides being a little difficult to setup, it can only be used at the beginning of a stream. If I want to process multiple files this way then I have to concoct another hairy beast that enables each event to spawn a new stream and only thunk when that new stream is done.

_(filenames).consume(function(error, filename, outerPush, outerNext){
  if(filename === _.nil){
    outerPush(null, _.nil);
  } else {
      .consume(function(error, feature, innerPush, innerNext){
        if(feature === _.nil){
          innerPush(null, _.nil);
          // Push the filename out so that we can thunk
          // and get the data moving
          outerPush(null, filename);
          // Let the outer stream know we're done
        } else {
          innerPush(null, feature);
        // Need to call this to thunk and get data moving
  // Need to call this to thunk and get data moving

Is there a better way to handle these situations with the current highland api?

Either way, highland is still making our life a lot easier. Thanks for creating it.

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  • Created 10 years ago
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github_iconTop GitHub Comments

caolancommented, Feb 18, 2014

@justincy yes, you’ll get buffers from fs.createReadStream, if you want strings then convert them to a string by calling .toString() on the buffers:

_(fs.createReadStream(filename)).invoke('toString', []).each(_.log);
justincycommented, Feb 18, 2014

Oh, right, thanks.

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