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bug: when the App is closed completely the notificationActionPerformed listener is not fired

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  • iOS

Current behavior: When the App is closed (killed) completely and a push notification is sent, you open it from the notifications center and the notificationActionPerformed listener is not fired. I don’t know if notificationReceived is being called, I see no logs.

Expected behavior: notificationActionPerformed should be called when the app is closed completely.

Steps to reproduce: Close the app completely, send a notification and try to open the notification from the notifications center.

Related code:

    FirebaseMessaging.addListener('notificationReceived', event => {
      console.log('notificationReceived', {event});

    FirebaseMessaging.addListener('notificationActionPerformed', event => {
      console.log('notificationActionPerformed', {event});

Payload being sent to FCM API:

    "body":"Testing here"
    "body":"Testing here"


func application(_ application: UIApplication, didRegisterForRemoteNotificationsWithDeviceToken deviceToken: Data) { .capacitorDidRegisterForRemoteNotifications, object: deviceToken)

    func application(_ application: UIApplication, didFailToRegisterForRemoteNotificationsWithError error: Error) { .capacitorDidFailToRegisterForRemoteNotifications, object: error)
    func application(_ application: UIApplication, didReceiveRemoteNotification userInfo: [AnyHashable : Any], fetchCompletionHandler completionHandler: @escaping (UIBackgroundFetchResult) -> Void) { Notification.Name.init("didReceiveRemoteNotification"), object: completionHandler, userInfo: userInfo)


Capacitor config:

PushNotifications: {
      presentationOptions: ["badge", "sound", "alert"],

The notification is displayed correctly on the phone and in the notification center.

Other information: My goal is to be able to open a screen when you tab a notification from the notifications center. Right now, is not working because notificationActionPerformed is not being called.

Imagine when you tab on a notification from WhatsApp and you are redirected to a screen that contains your conversation.

I don’t know if this is a bug or a known limitation where we don’t have a workaround yet.

Others issues that can be related or not:

  • No sound is played by default. Not even the iOS default one.
  • No badge count is being set above the App icon.

I have read:

Any help is appreciated.

Capacitor doctor:

💊   Capacitor Doctor  💊 

Latest Dependencies:

  @capacitor/cli: 4.0.1
  @capacitor/core: 4.0.1
  @capacitor/android: 4.0.1
  @capacitor/ios: 4.0.1

Installed Dependencies:

  @capacitor/cli: 3.6.0
  @capacitor/ios: 3.6.0
  @capacitor/android: 3.6.0
  @capacitor/core: 3.6.0

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  • Created a year ago
  • Reactions:2
  • Comments:6 (3 by maintainers)

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

carlosskcommented, Aug 24, 2022

I have the same issue, any idea about it?

RRGT19commented, Oct 3, 2022

@robingenz That version is working good from all points of view, app open/closed/killed, etc… 😃

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