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"RUNNING HANDLER [handlers : wait for weave to listen]" timeout

See original GitHub issue

I have tried to get this great starting point for a cluster online but I get stuck with Weave not getting online correctly.

This is the console output leading up to the timeout of the ansible step.

I don’t exactly know how to debug this, Ssh’ing into a host and running docker ps -a gives this result

CONTAINER ID        IMAGE                        COMMAND             CREATED             STATUS              PORTS               NAMES
b8e1aa9af01c        weaveworks/weaveexec:1.4.4   "/bin/false"        2 minutes ago       Created                                 weavevolumes-1.4.4

So at least docker is running fine but systemctl shows weave and weaveproxy as dead

weave.service                                                   loaded    inactive dead      Weave Network Router
weaveproxy.service                                              loaded    inactive dead      Weave proxy for Docker API

Manually starting weaveproxy.service shows weave as ‘activating’ not ‘active’ (is this because of docker attach that keeps the service connected in the foreground?).

After starting weaveproxy.service my docker ps looks like this

CONTAINER ID        IMAGE                        COMMAND                  CREATED             STATUS              PORTS               NAMES
37b410f490d7        weaveworks/weaveexec:1.4.4   "/home/weave/sigproxy"   20 seconds ago      Up 19 seconds                           amazing_stallman
2406bda553a0        weaveworks/weave:1.4.4       "/home/weave/weaver -"   21 seconds ago      Up 20 seconds                           weave
885176cfe20e        weaveworks/weaveexec:1.4.4   "/home/weave/weavepro"   21 seconds ago      Up 21 seconds                           weaveproxy
b8e1aa9af01c        weaveworks/weaveexec:1.4.4   "/bin/false"             7 minutes ago       Created                                 weavevolumes-1.4.4

I would love some pointers as where to look because this is quite new terrain for me, the project is great though. I had almost started working on something exactly like this.

EDIT: This is on DigitalOcean

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  • Created 7 years ago
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NinoFloriscommented, Apr 3, 2016

Ahhh wow, I would have never thought of that angle. I will try this tomorrow. Many thanks!

Would a contribution of better docs be something I could help with once I get a cluster up and running and have a better feeling for all the components involved?

dllewellyncommented, Apr 7, 2016

Not sure if this is helpful info, but I’m getting the same problem running the vagrant build (using master branch)

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