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[Question] Pop-out/floating tab throws "Cannot read property getBoundingClientRect of null"

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Hello, I’m trying to use the poput/floating window. It doesn’t seem to matter, but I’m triggering it like this, after ensuring there’s at least 1 tab node:

model.doAction(Actions.floatTab((tabSet.getSelectedNode() as TabNode).getId()));

What I get is a quick render flash (that looks like the right component), then an error (sadly can’t copy paste the text): Screen Shot 2021-10-07 at 3 05 50 PM

Could you provide any pointers on why this might be happening? Are there any conditions the tab-components should meet?

Thank you

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  • Created 2 years ago
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nealuscommented, Oct 7, 2021

FloatingWindowTab does have an error boundary

The popout windows use portals, see:

balazs-edes-lab49commented, Oct 7, 2021

It does indeed, that’s where we got the idea to include this feature 😃 Do you have any error boundaries or catches that could maybe hide if our code throws? I’m gonna spend more time debugging this and let you know if I find the solution. Any pointers on where you’d start is appreciated!

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