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Lets fix MinIO together !

See original GitHub issue

Hello, i need your help fixing MinIO app

The latest release of MinIO RELEASE.2021-08-05T22-01-19Z will not work with the current MinIO one-click-app

Because the api listens on port 9000 and the dashboard on 9001.

So if we enable SSL and set containerHttpPort to 9001 we would have HTTPS://, and if we open port 9000 we could use the api HTTP:// as our s3 endpoint! but the problem is that this is not SSL enabled… Wish we could enable SSL on port 9000 or something

For now i have deployed using this

captainVersion: 4
            - $$cap_appname-db-data:/data
            - $$cap_appname-config-data:/root/.minio
        restart: always
            MINIO_ROOT_USER: $$cap_access_key
            MINIO_ROOT_PASSWORD: $$cap_secret_key
            MINIO_REGION_NAME: "eu-east-1"
            MINIO_BROWSER_REDIRECT_URL: https://$$cap_appname.$$cap_root_domain
            MINIO_SERVER_URL: http://$$cap_appname.$$cap_root_domain:9000
            - 9000:9000
            containerHttpPort: '9001'
                - FROM minio/minio:$$cap_minio_version
                - CMD ["server", "/data", "--console-address", ":9001"] #We can also change the api port 9000 with --address flag
        - id: $$cap_minio_version
          label: MinIO Version
          defaultValue: RELEASE.2021-08-05T22-01-19Z
          description: Check out their Docker page for the valid tags
          validRegex: /^([^\s^\/])+$/
        - id: $$cap_access_key
          label: MinIO Access Key
          defaultValue: ''
          description: Username to access MinIO server
          validRegex: /.{5,}/
        - id: $$cap_secret_key
          label: Minio Secret Key
          defaultValue: ''
          description: Password to access MinIO server
          validRegex: /.{8,}/
        start: >-
            MinIO is a High Performance Object Storage released under GNU Affero General Public License v3.0. It is API compatible with Amazon S3 cloud storage service.
        end: Minio is deployed and available as $$cap_appname
    displayName: ''
    isOfficial: true
    description: MinIO is a cloud storage server compatible with Amazon S3
    documentation: Taken from

With this we can access the dashboard at HTTPS:// and s3 endpoint at HTTP://

Without Caprover i can use my setup with nginx & goacme/lego using my repo

With my repo i can access api using SSL

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github_iconTop GitHub Comments

Handfishcommented, Aug 19, 2021

@githubsaturn Your changes nginx proxy changes finally made the web-console login work properly, and the rest of minio as well. Everything looks good, I’m able to interact with it through the cli tool and create / delete buckets.

My deployment has SSL handled by a load balancer in front of Caprover, so my results can’t speak for everyone.

Thanks a lot to @kgnfth and @githubsaturn for their work!

githubsaturncommented, Aug 19, 2021

Looks like there are some more headers that need to be added to the nginx proxy, see here:

I’ve update the nginx and pushed a new image under this tag: 1-ef5ffcb. So change your




and try again.

Read more comments on GitHub >

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