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Support for Keycloak Quarkus, > 17.0.0

See original GitHub issue


Do you have any plans to support the new Keycloak Quarkus deployments, after version 17.0.0? From what I’ve been reading, there aren’t that many changes other than the removal of Wildfly. And the deploy process is slightly different.

I’m playing around with Keycloak 18.0.0, and copied the scim-for-keycloak EAR file as a JAR file into the providers directory, but the scim theme wasn’t loaded. I manually copied the scim theme into the themes directory, but the SCIM admin link is not present in the UI. If I try to manually hit /admin/master/console/#/realms/master/scim/service-provider/settings I get an HTTP 404 from /realms/master/scim/admin/serviceProviderConfig

I also tested with KC_HTTP_RELATIVE_PATH=/auth for backwards compatibility with the paths, but the same thing happened.

Any suggestions for me?


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Captain-P-Goldfishcommented, Jul 15, 2022

this is a migration problem when switching from 16 or before to 18. This might have happened because the deployment was changed from ear to jar. So this problem would only occur if the scim-for-keycloak deployment was already present in a keycloak of version 16 or before and if you add it then to keycloak 18 the problem should be recreated.

Captain-P-Goldfishcommented, Jul 14, 2022

Thanks @Captain-P-Goldfish! I placed the new JAR in my providers directory, built a new Docker image, and ran it. My first startup gave me:

liquibase.exception.ValidationFailedException: Validation Failed:
     1 change sets check sum
          META-INF/scim-changelog.xml::scim-sdk-1.0::pascal knueppel was: 7:54900cba59debc2ce8fe7a3a8067e8b2 but is now: 8:fc78a5690c6c0f158148d1e19cdc6f22

But I realized I still had the same database running with a previous docker storage volume. After deleting the volume and recreating a new postgres container from scratch, it did work.

If I want to move this to my production system, is there something else that needs to be done to trigger the db schema update?

There are no changes on the liquibase files so I can only assume that this has to do with the classpath that is entered into the database when liquibase creates its checksums. It should be possible to fix it by executing the following sql-query:

update keycloak.DATABASECHANGELOG_SCIM_JPA_E set MD5SUM=null;
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