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Applying `translateZ(0px);` breaks all fixed child elements

See original GitHub issue

After updating this package I found that my fixed-position mobile menus (children of the Sticky component) had broken.

Turns out (according to you cannot have fixed elements as children of transformed elements.

the fixed position of an element is broken if you apply transform to any ancestor.

Maybe something worth thinking about? I’m not sure if it’s a specific issue itself, but thought I’d alert you.

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  • Created 7 years ago
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github_iconTop GitHub Comments

MatanBobicommented, Nov 27, 2016

+1 for this, Currently using 5.0.4 cause the translateZ(0px) also using z-index to control tooltip over elements and the translateZ breaks it…

dotbearcommented, Aug 31, 2016

@dbarbalato yeah, we’re just sticking with 5.0.4 for now. A prop to disable/enable is a great idea!

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