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Provide change log and migration steps

See original GitHub issue

Migrating from v5.x to v6.0 breaks existing code due to warning.js:36 Warning: Failed prop type: Invalid prop 'children' of type 'object' supplied to 'Sticky', expected 'function'.

Please provide migration steps and also change log or any kind of breaking changes list.


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dbarbalatocommented, May 2, 2017

Hey guys,

Let me remind you that react-sticky is supported by a small core team – it’s essentially just me. I can sympathize with your frustration on the lack of a CHANGELOG, but I took care to follow semver for this release due to its breaking changes, and nothing prevents you from using the 5.0.8 release if you’re getting stuck.

If you are adamant about using the latest API with the 5.x interface, I have a legacy wrapper available but it is not free or open source - let me know if you are interested.

Unfortunately, with my limited cycles, I don’t foresee myself writing a CHANGELOG or migration guide. That said, this is an open source project so anybody is free to study the API change and submit a PR containing a CHANGELOG / migration guide.


vpezeshkiancommented, May 2, 2017

after providing a function sticky is not working properly, it doesn’t stick as it used to.

<Sticky ref={stickyRef}
                style={{zIndex: 99}}
                stickyStyle={{ marginTop: stickyMargin }}
                onStickyStateChange={this.onStickyStateChange.bind(this, stickyRef)}>
          {() => stickyHeader}
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