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[Masthead] Web components storybook demo clean up

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Detailed description

Describe in detail the issue you’re having.

Masthead storybook clean up, React issue #6409



  • no platform knob, default global nav should not enable a platform name

Storybook example is good as-is, update knobs per above masthead-global

~With custom navigation~ hide/remove story

  • We are proposing to hide this story, in most cases, IA guild does not recommend teams have custom navigation within the L0. But we do not want to deprecate yet as it would be a breaking change.
  • ~no platform knob, default global nav should not enable a platform name~
  • ~Label should be sentence case: With custom navigation (not initial caps)~
  • ~Custom navigation should not have mega menu styling, remove all mega menu styling and use dropdown. May have to change data sets?~

Screen Shot 2021-06-17 at 3 50 31 PM Screen Shot 2021-06-17 at 3 51 02 PM

Search Open Onload

  • label should be in sentence case, not initial caps Search open onload
  • hide platform knob

Storybook demo proposal: masthead-Search-open-onload

With Platform

  • label should be in sentence case, not initial caps With platform
  • ~All nav items within the With platform story should not have mega menu styling, remove all mega menu styling and use dropdown. May have to swap data sets?~
  • Remove all links from With platform story other than the Platform
  • Update “Cloud” to “Platform” Screen Shot 2021-06-17 at 4 01 35 PM

Story book demo proposal: masthead-with-platform

With L1

  • update L1 nav content to the example shown in the image below, red italic indicates dropdown items. Reference Analytics page for content. Note: ignore “Services” dropdown on the live page.

Storybook demo proposal: masthead-with-L1

With Alternate Logo And Tool Tip

  • Label should be sentence case: With alternate logo and tool tip (not initial caps)

Storybook demo good as-is

Is this a feature request (new component, new icon), a bug, or a general issue?

storybook clean up

Is this issue related to a specific component?

Masthead demo & variants

What did you expect to happen? What happened instead? What would you like to see changed?

What browser are you working in?


What version of Carbon for are you using?


What offering/product do you work on? Any pressing ship or release dates we should be aware of?

Additional information

Reasoning for not using mega menu in anything other than Default global nav: the IA team has not come to a conclusion on whether teams can customize their own mega menus. We should not show mixing customized labels with the global nav labels & data or show the global nav with a platform.

Cloud is the only other team that has a customized nav & mega menu approval.

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  • State:closed
  • Created 2 years ago
  • Reactions:1
  • Comments:5 (4 by maintainers)

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

oliviaflorycommented, Jul 6, 2021

Content updates added to the task description above, reviewed and approved by @shixiedesign.

@RobertaJHahn this is ready for scheduling

oliviaflorycommented, Jul 1, 2021

@shixiedesign I updated the tasks above and included the images of the storybook demo for masthead that we reviewed in Design review today so you can take another look.

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