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Bugs with accents on Mac and PC

See original GitHub issue

It seems I’m really taking the editor for a road test with my use cases! Anyway there are some issues I’ve experienced:

On a PC

Generally works well - ALTGR + e = é, ALTGR + o = ó, works as expected, however ALTGR + a selects all text rather than producing the expected á.

On a Mac

It seems that accents are generally broken in the editor on a mac. The reason appears to be the way you produce characters on a mac, using any kind of mac keyboard (UK or European).

FYI: I’m going to refer to the mac ‘alt’ key as option here, for your reference

To produce accents, there is an ‘accents key’ - on international keyboards this is a single key, on UK/US keyboards, you press option + e. After pressing the accents key (which shows up as ´, often highlighted) you press the key corresponding to the vowel you want. For example: á.

Try this in any standard editor and you see how it works. Example:

Standard editor: option + e, a produces á Carbon editor: option + e, a produces ´a


The PC solution should be fairly trivial - unassigning or being more specific for select all (which on a PC should be CTRL + a rather than ALT + a or ALTGR + a).

For Mac, I think the fix should also be fairly easy - it just involves some extra keyboard detection. See:

Again I will give you a hand when I get time. Thanks.

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github_iconTop GitHub Comments

assembledadamcommented, Oct 17, 2016

We’re using this in production now (over at - only staff are able to edit at the moment), and will be launching an international version of the site this month, so the accents issue will definitely become a bigger problem for us. Going to try to take a look at it ASAP, but any help would be great on this particular issue 😃

If you’d like, at some point I could show you a demo of how we’re using it (with a few mods!).

assembledadamcommented, Jun 12, 2016

No problem, plenty where that came from 😉

I always feel guilty posting bugs on open source software - in most cases for other projects I don’t do this without providing a fix, so I appreciate you being so gracious! Like I said, my aim is to assist as soon as I am able - right now my hours are almost entirely dedicated to finishing the beta of my company’s platform (for the noble pursuit of survival…).

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