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Docusaurus errors during bootstrap.

See original GitHub issue

I tried to fork the project and run it, but docusarus fails to generate the sidebar:

ValidationError: themeConfig.hideableSidebar has been moved to

This is probably due to Docusaurus update, hence docusaurus.config.js has to be updated accordingly:

 //hideableSidebar: true,
    docs: {
      sidebar: { hideable: true },

Then it triggers 2 warnings and 3 errors:

[WARNING] No docs found in "native-tokens/token-registry": can't auto-generate a sidebar.
[WARNING] No docs found in "governance/cardano-improvement-proposals": can't auto-generate a sidebar.
[ERROR] Sidebars file at "D:\dev\opensource\developer-portal\sidebars.js" failed to be loaded.
[ERROR] Loading of version failed for version current
[ERROR] Error: Sidebar category Token Registry has neither any subitem nor a link. This makes this item not able to link to anything.

It looks like there is not any /token-registry directory in /native-tokens/ the same goes for /cardano-improvement-proposals . Were they deleted on purpose ?

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  • Created a year ago
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Kais3rPcommented, Jul 5, 2022

Oh, I had no idea a manual build was needed in order to execute the static generation ( my bad habit to skip READMEs… ), it’s the first time I use docusaurus and now I saw the build scripts that fetch the extra docs. Thanks. Maybe it could be a good idea to add an extra script command in package.json just to fetch the extra files needed in dev mode, without the need to perform a full build, something like: "pre-start": "npm-run-all ts-node scripts/cip.ts ts-node scripts/token-registry.ts ts-node scripts/rust-library.ts". What do you think ?

Kais3rPcommented, Jul 5, 2022

Yes, an arbitrary decision. Depending on what you are working on, it makes sense to change it locally for yourself. I think in principle most people should not reload all things with every developer build. (and that was the reason for not doing it.)

The pre-start script would be executed only once, manually, after the cloning of the repo. The fact is you don’t need a build locally to start the webpack dev server, the way it is now, you are forced to build.

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