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Error: Multiple exported component definitions found.

See original GitHub issue

Not sure how to approach this one…

WARNING in ./~/carte-blanche/dist/src/loaders/plugins-loader.js?dest="components"&commonsChunkFilename="undefined"!./src/scripts/components/lib/BrowseHero.jsx
Module build failed: Error: Multiple exported component definitions found.
    at Context.exportDeclaration (/Users/cool-computer/Projects/redacted/node_modules/react-docgen/dist/resolver/findExportedComponentDefinition.js:100:13)
    at Context.invokeVisitorMethod (/Users/cool-computer/Projects/redacted/node_modules/react-docgen/node_modules/ast-types/lib/path-visitor.js:342:43)
    at Visitor.PVp.visitWithoutReset (/Users/cool-computer/Projects/redacted/node_modules/react-docgen/node_modules/ast-types/lib/path-visitor.js:194:28)
    at NodePath.each (/Users/cool-computer/Projects/redacted/node_modules/react-docgen/node_modules/ast-types/lib/path.js:99:22)
    at visitChildren (/Users/cool-computer/Projects/redacted/node_modules/react-docgen/node_modules/ast-types/lib/path-visitor.js:217:14)
    at Visitor.PVp.visitWithoutReset (/Users/cool-computer/Projects/redacted/node_modules/react-docgen/node_modules/ast-types/lib/path-visitor.js:202:16)
    at visitChildren (/Users/cool-computer/Projects/redacted/node_modules/react-docgen/node_modules/ast-types/lib/path-visitor.js:244:21)
    at Visitor.PVp.visitWithoutReset (/Users/cool-computer/Projects/redacted/node_modules/react-docgen/node_modules/ast-types/lib/path-visitor.js:202:16)
    at Visitor.PVp.visit (/Users/cool-computer/Projects/redacted/node_modules/react-docgen/node_modules/ast-types/lib/path-visitor.js:131:25)
    at Object.visit (/Users/cool-computer/Projects/redacted/node_modules/react-docgen/node_modules/ast-types/lib/path-visitor.js:99:51)
 @ ./src/scripts/components/lib !./~/carte-blanche/dist/src/loaders/plugins-loader.js?dest="components"&commonsChunkFilename="undefined"!.*\.jsx$

components declared in webpack config:

new CarteBlanche({
    componentRoot: './src/scripts/components/lib/',

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  • Created 7 years ago
  • Comments:6 (2 by maintainers)

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ooricommented, Jul 12, 2016

I experienced the same error, with simpler components following this design:

export class Header extends React.Component {
  render() {
  // ...

Header.propTypes = { /* ... */ }

export default Header

The solution was to export only once per file.

wmertenscommented, Jan 25, 2017

@cef62 thanks, so basically use require('react-docgen').resolver.findAllComponentDefinitions instead of just the resolver @nikgraf.

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