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Route Level security

See original GitHub issue

Was thinking of something like this.


this.Get("/", async ctx => await this.RequiresAuthentication(async innerctx => await innerctx.WriteAsync("authed")));

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RagingKorecommented, May 24, 2018

that looks more atractive and doable. I would go with full pipeline composition as an alternative.

Here are some examples:

public class PlayersModule : CarterModule {
  public PlayersModule() {
      .Get(ctx => // do something authorized );
      .AuthorizeWithClaims(x => x.Type == "Admin")
      .Post(ctx => // do something authorized );
      .Put(ctx => // do something);
      .Pipe(ctx => // do whatever my heart desires)
      .Delete(ctx => // do something authorized );
JoeSteadcommented, May 24, 2018

It will require some sort of Carter pipeline intertwined with the ASP.NET one (I don’t think the details of which need to be exposed), so will require a bit more upfront thought, but it avoids specific CarterRequest and CarterResponse objects, whilst taking the extensibility up to 11.

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