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Unable to bind a model with LocalDate property

See original GitHub issue

If a model has a property LocalDate (Noda Time), Bind<T> silently creates a new instance of T with all properties initialized with their default values.

Reproduced with DefaultJsonModelBinder, but not NewtonsoftJsonModelBinder

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  • Created 3 years ago
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Deilancommented, Mar 3, 2021

@ritasker Thank you very much for your help! You are right.

For some reason even just switching to Carter’s NewtonsoftJsonResponseNegotiator and NewtonsoftJsonModelBinder was enough:

public void ConfigureServices(IServiceCollection services)
    services.AddCarter(configurator: configurator =>
jnysteencommented, Sep 24, 2022

This might help. It might not.

Thanks, that link led me down the right path. The JsonOptions used when deserialising request contents can now be configured to work for NodaTime types like this:

using Microsoft.AspNetCore.Http.Json;
using NodaTime.Serialization.SystemTextJson;

services.Configure<JsonOptions>(opt => opt.SerializerOptions.ConfigureForNodaTime(DateTimeZoneProviders.Tzdb));

This blog post deserves a link and a quote:

Minimal APIs rely on a number of extension methods for serializing to/from JSON. They allow for JsonSerializerOptions to be provided but otherwise falls back to retrieving JsonOptions from HttContext.Request.Services. You can configure these options at startup:

builder.Services.Configure<JsonOptions>(opt =>
    opt.SerializerOptions.PropertyNamingPolicy = new SnakeCaseNamingPolicy());

Note that you need to configure Microsoft.AspNetCore.Http.Json.JsonOptions not the class under the Mvc namespace.

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