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Changes on namespace

See original GitHub issue

The idea is to create a new namespace lib containing the current context one. At the end, the namespace structure will be:

  • Lib
    • Context
      • Base context
      • Api context
      • (here will be the analysis framework context)


We want to send a message to the users: “this namespace is internal or private, you don’t need to think about it”.

it could be others like private or internals for example, but we have selected lib for being more generic.

cc @alasarr @alrocar @andy-esch

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oleurudcommented, Sep 2, 2019

After a talk with @alasarr & @jgoizueta, we want to consider geocoding or isochrones part of data as services (or data services) and keep analysis namespace to big analysis as feature engineering.

Also, we want to add a deeper structure to data elements.

So, finally:

  • Auth

    • Credentials
    • set_default_credentials
  • Lib

    • Context
      • Api context
      • (Analysis framework context)
  • Data

    • Dataset
      • Dataset class
      • Registry
    • Do
      • enrich functions (enrich_points & enrich_polygon)
      • Catalog
      • Dataset
      • Country
      • Variable (supports variables group and variables)
      • Category
      • Geography
    • Services
      • Geocoding
      • Isochrones
  • Analysis

  • Viz

    • Map
    • Layers
    • Helpers
  • Utils

    • CARTO SQL client
    • Columns
    • Table (a helper class to get current Tables in a CARTO account)
  • Contrib (it could appear in the future)

Note: namespaces and classes in bold are public

oleurudcommented, Sep 10, 2019


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