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AP is calculated as 0 despite exact bbox match

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I’m having a problem where even if I copy my detection results directly from the ground truth (adding a confidence score of 1.0), certain bounding boxes give an AP of 0 and bring down the mAP unnecessarily.

For example, try adding 1.txt to detection-results containing: dog 1.0 206 394 173 405 and 1.txt to ground-truth containing: dog 206 394 173 405

You’ll see that it’ll return a mAP of zero, despite the bboxes being exactly the same.

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  • State:closed
  • Created 4 years ago
  • Comments:5

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toddwylcommented, May 6, 2019

I find my mistake.I have wrong with generating the txt and making the top greater than bottom. <left> <top> <right> <bottom> I forgot to check the bottom>=top,right>=left. And your mistake is making left greater than right. By the way, where is the official cocoapi to calculate mAP? Thanks.

jiteshm17commented, Jun 19, 2019

I have the groundtruths and detections in the form of x_min,y_min,x_max,y_max. Can I use the order x_min,y_max,x_max,y_min to match the corresponding order of <left> <top> <right> <bottom> mentioned in the txt file or should I change it something else?

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