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Data not saving to the scene render filepath

See original GitHub issue

`Saved: C:\tmp\opt_flow\Image0001.exr Saved: C:\Users\Nicholas Marchuk\Documents\Research\Summer\test_output\segmentation_masks\1_0001.tga Saved: ‘C:\Users\Nicholas Marchuk\Documents\Research\Summer\test_output\0001.png’ Time: 00:03.30 (Saving: 00:00.06)

Saved: C:\tmp\opt_flow\Image0002.exr Saved: C:\Users\Nicholas Marchuk\Documents\Research\Summer\test_output\segmentation_masks\1_0002.tga Saved: ‘C:\Users\Nicholas Marchuk\Documents\Research\Summer\test_output\0002.png’ Time: 00:03.28 (Saving: 00:00.07))`

and so on…

The optical flow images are getting saved to my tmp directory. I think this may have to do with how Blender is launched? I have an installed instance of blender, not built from source.

When I print out data.filepaths in I get ['segmentation_masks', 'intrinsic_mat', 'extrinsic_mat', 'normal_map', 'depth_map', 'object_pose_labels', 'object_pose_mats'] which for some reason does not contain optical flow data.

Typically i would launch blender from visual studio, and call os.getcwd() to get the correct place, but right now the VSC addon is broken.

Let me know if you have insight into why this happens. The people in the Blender discord are usually pretty good about this stuff if you have trouble.

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  • Created 2 years ago
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nmarchukcommented, May 17, 2021

Hi, back at work today. The problem has to do with the optical flow node saving the base path. I had run the program once with the /tmp/ path, and since the optical flow node won’t update after you populate it (checking is_linked) it was not able to ‘fix’ itself.

The only problem left is that the EXR and segmentation mask file representations seem to get saved (with an entry in the log file) and then as soon as the next one starts rendering they get deleted? And so at the end the opt_flow and segmentation_masks folders are empty.

nmarchukcommented, May 14, 2021

Unfortunately that didn’t seem work for me. I have to go now but when I get back I’ll try to see about making it work and report back. But good catch on the dirname thing cause that is useful (I needed it for my synth data stuff)

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