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Database transactions similar api `addPolicies`, `removePolicies`

See original GitHub issue

Hello, recently I’m having another issue, while creating a new user/role, I would like to assign some default rights for it.

We can definitly call multiple times addPolicy but it cannot guarantee that all the default policies have been added, I’m risking having an invalid user in that case.

So I’m thinking if we could have some wrappers like addPolicies, removePolicies.

addPolicies returns Promise<true> only if all the policies have been added, if one of them fails then it cancels this operation (remove the ones have been added)

removePolicies is similar.

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  • Created 4 years ago
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nodececommented, Apr 27, 2020

@Sefriol Sounds good, but importing it will complicate Casbin.

nodececommented, Apr 26, 2020

In casbin-golang, while calling addPolicies in model:

we call hasPolicy to avoid duplicated policies, if one policy already exist, then we cancel the whole operation.

It looks similar to casbin-rs.

TODO in casbin-golang

we insert first into adapter before model, because sometimes we may have network error, in this case we just return the error and don’t even need to insert into model.

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