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ABAC eval not working with empty dict

See original GitHub issue


r = sub, obj, type, act 

p = rule, type, act

e = some(where (p.eft == allow))

m = eval(p.rule) && r.type == p.type && r.act == p.act


p, r.sub.admin == True, user, delete
p, r.sub.identifier == r.obj.identifier, user, read

When attempting to eval the following:

abac_enforcer = casbin.Enforcer(
    str(file_path(...)), str(file_path(...))

if abac_enforcer.enforce({"admin": False}, {}, "user", "delete"):
        return True

Raises the following:

/", line 481, in _eval_attribute
    raise AttributeDoesNotExist(node.attr, self.expr)
simpleeval.AttributeDoesNotExist: ('identifier', '(r_sub.identifier == r_obj.identifier) and r_type == p_type and r_act == p_act')

I attempted this within the online editor and it works fine. Sorry if I’m missing something. New PyCasbin user here!

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  • Created 2 years ago
  • Comments:20 (13 by maintainers)

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ffyuandacommented, Aug 6, 2021

@killswitch-GUI I don’t quite suggest change PyCasbin or simpleeval. You should instead follow the “object all the way down” logic when you use A(ttribute)BAC. And BTW image this is working simply because you set

user_1 = User(admin=True)

It evaluates the first line in policy and turns out to be True and ignored the second line 😃

ffyuandacommented, Aug 6, 2021

I’m checking the issue…

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