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Document configuration for AGP to unit test Molecule

See original GitHub issue

I’m trying out Molecule with AAC ViewModel. Here is how the VM code is written exposing stateFlow stream using launchMolecule()

Molecule version used : 0.5.0-SNAPSHOT

class PhotosListViewModel @Inject constructor(
    private val unsplashRepository: UnsplashRepository,
    @MoleculeScope private val scope: CoroutineScope,
    @CompositionClock private val clock: RecompositionClock,
) : ViewModel() {

    private val events = Channel<Event>()
    val stateFlow = scope.launchMolecule(clock = clock) {

    init {

    fun present(events: Flow<Event>): PhotosListUIState {
        var isLoading by remember { mutableStateOf(false) }
        var error by remember { mutableStateOf<String?>(null) }
        val images = remember { mutableStateListOf<UnsplashImage>() }

        LaunchedEffect(Unit) {
            events.collect { event ->
                when (event) {
                    InitialPageEvent -> {
                        isLoading = true
                        error = null
                        when (val result =
                            unsplashRepository.getPhotos(page = 1, perPage = ITEM_PER_PAGE)) {
                            is Error -> {
                                isLoading = false
                                error = result.message
                            is Success -> {
                                isLoading = false

        return PhotosListUIState(
            isLoading = isLoading,
            error = error,
            images = images,

    fun processEvent(event: Event) {
        scope.launch {

// UI State
data class PhotosListUIState(
    val isLoading: Boolean = false,
    val error: String? = null,
    val images: List<UnsplashImage> = emptyList(),

// Events
sealed interface Event
object InitialPageEvent : Event

App works fine on Android devices without any issue when VM is provided with correct coroutineScope and frameClock. However, when I write Unit test for VM it requires android.os.Trace to be mocked. Added both unit test and it’s error log below.

VM’s Unit Test

import dev.punitd.unplashapp.model.images
import dev.punitd.unplashapp.model.pageLinks
import dev.punitd.unplashapp.util.CoroutineRule
import kotlinx.coroutines.ExperimentalCoroutinesApi
import kotlinx.coroutines.test.runTest
import org.junit.Assert.assertEquals
import org.junit.Rule
import org.junit.Test

class PhotosListViewModelTest {

    val coroutineRule = CoroutineRule()

    fun successStateIfApiSucceeds() = runTest {
        val viewModel = PhotosListViewModel(
            unsplashRepository = FakeUnsplashRepository(coroutineRule.testDispatcher),
            scope = this, // TestScope
            clock = RecompositionClock.Immediate,

        // InitialPageEvent is send inside VM's init{} block by default
        // That's why we're not sending any events here.

        val turbine = viewModel.stateFlow.testIn(this)
        assertEquals(PhotosListUIState(isLoading = false), turbine.awaitItem())
        assertEquals(PhotosListUIState(isLoading = true), turbine.awaitItem())
                isLoading = false,
                error = null,
                images = images,
                pageLinks = pageLinks

Test Error log

Method beginSection in android.os.Trace not mocked. See for details.
java.lang.RuntimeException: Method beginSection in android.os.Trace not mocked. See for details.
	at android.os.Trace.beginSection(
	at androidx.compose.runtime.Trace.beginSection(
	at androidx.compose.runtime.ComposerImpl.doCompose(Composer.kt:4357)
	at androidx.compose.runtime.ComposerImpl.composeContent$runtime_release(Composer.kt:3119)
	at androidx.compose.runtime.CompositionImpl.composeContent(Composition.kt:584)
	at androidx.compose.runtime.Recomposer.composeInitial$runtime_release(Recomposer.kt:811)
	at androidx.compose.runtime.CompositionImpl.setContent(Composition.kt:519)

I’m sure i’m doing something stupid here because unit tests written in sample app of this repo works just fine without any such error.


  • Is there something I need to mock which i’m missing here?
  • Are Coroutinescope and FrameClock passed to VM in test incorrect?

Repo to reproduce it :


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  • Created a year ago
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github_iconTop GitHub Comments

JakeWhartoncommented, Sep 14, 2022

Upstream bug about exception message:

JakeWhartoncommented, Sep 14, 2022

Oh, you’re right. I’ll file a bug on AGP for that.

Read more comments on GitHub >

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