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Java and Kotlin lambdas break the parser

See original GitHub issue

Hey, it’s me again 👋

I’m having an issue which breaks the code generator similarly to

This time it’s happening with Java and Kotlin lambdas. Examples:

!{var name = java.util.Optional.<String>ofNullable(null)}
${ -> { "name: " + n }).orElse("")}

Which produces:

public static void render(gg.jte.TemplateOutput jteOutput, gg.jte.html.HtmlInterceptor jteHtmlInterceptor) {
	var name = java.util.Optional.<String>ofNullable(null);
	jteOutput.writeUserContent( -> { "name: " + n );

While this:

!{val name: String = null}
${name?.let { "name: $it" } ?: ""}


@JvmStatic fun render(jteOutput:gg.jte.TemplateOutput, jteHtmlInterceptor:gg.jte.html.HtmlInterceptor?) {
	val name: String? = null
	jteOutput.writeUserContent(name?.let { "name: $it" )
	jteOutput.writeContent(" ?: \"\"}\n")

Looks like the parser is accepting the first } character as closing the ${} block.

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  • Created 2 years ago
  • Comments:8 (4 by maintainers)

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edrd-fcommented, Sep 3, 2021


casidcommented, Aug 30, 2021

Ahh, right. Forgot you’re generating Kotlin code. In this case you’re using ContentType.Plain anyways and there’s no output escaping. Thanks for clarifying!

I’ll try to release a new version this weekend.

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