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ktor integration - models allowed?

See original GitHub issue

Hi, trying to use jte with ktor ( however the example and the JteContent function appears to only accept a map of params, rather than any models or objects.

The example code is

get("/index") {
    // ktor example (no model, just a map of params)
      val params = mapOf("id" to 1, "name" to "John")
      call.respond(JteContent("index.kte", params))
    // my attempt, using a model - type mismatch
      call.respond(JteContent("test.kte", MyModel(id = 1, name = "John")))

// my attempt requires a data class (but fails anyway)
data class MyModel(val id: Int, val name: String)

This would seem to limit compatibility with jte templates that expect models, plus make creating new templates more tedious. Am I missing a way to use models with Ktor and jte or is it limited to Maps/Params? Thanks!

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2x2xplzcommented, Jul 8, 2022

Oh, I’m not sure how ktor’s development mode is implemented, but my guess would be that they use a custom ClassLoader for this. There’s been a similiar issue with spring boot, so that might be a good starting point: #70 (comment)

Just to be clear, this is not a bug or a problem with jte. Just wanted to document the fix in case someone has the same issue and does a search for ClassCastException or something similar.

casidcommented, Jul 8, 2022

I just released version 2.1.2 to maven central, including this fix 😃

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