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Using kotlin data classes in jte templates have issues compiling java sourceset.

See original GitHub issue

I have the following project setup.

└── src
    ├── main
    │   ├── java
    │   │   └── dev
    │   │       └── ...
    │   ├── kotlin
    │   │   └── dev
    │   │           ├── jte
    │   │           │   └── RenderJte.kt
    │   └── templates
    │       └── jte
    │           └── hello.jte

Jte template (hello.jte) uses a kotlin data classes

@import dev.suresh.jte.Config
@import java.time.LocalDateTime

@param Config config
Hello ${config.getLanguage()} - ${config.getVersion()}
Rendered By Jte on ${}
import gg.jte.*
import gg.jte.output.*

data class Config(val language: String, val version: String)

class RenderJte {
    fun run() {
        val tmplEngine = TemplateEngine.createPrecompiled(ContentType.Plain)
        val output = StringOutput()
        tmplEngine.render("hello.jte", Config("Kotlin", App.KOTLIN_VERSION), output)

Kotlin Gradle script setup is,

plugins {
   kotlin("jvm") version "1.4.3"
   id("gg.jte.gradle") version "1.7.0"

// Add the generated templates to source set.
sourceSets {
    main {

tasks {

    withType<JavaCompile>().configureEach {
     // Jte templates
    generateJte {
        sourceDirectory = Path.of("src", "main", "templates", "jte")
        contentType = ContentType.Plain

The issue here is, once we add generateJte dependency on javaCompile task, it’s missing java classes (src/main/java) classes in the final jar.

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  • Created 3 years ago
  • Comments:9 (5 by maintainers)

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

casidcommented, Feb 25, 2021

@sureshg I just published version of the gradle plugin containing this hotifx.

casidcommented, Feb 24, 2021

Sweet! Thanks for testing it and sharing your code sample!

I’ve updated the gradle kts documentation 👍

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