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Suggestion: Less awkward way to pass context and event types

See original GitHub issue

useStateMachine is a curried function (Yummm tasty!) because TypeScript doesn’t yet support partial generics type inference. This workaround allows TypeScript developers to provide a custom type for the context while still having TypeScript infer all the types used in the configuration (Like the state & transitions names, etc…).

We no longer have this limitation with #36. We can have something like the following for context…

  initial: "idle",
  context: { foo: 1 } // I prefer "initialContext" but whatever xD

And something like this (what xstate v5 does), for events and context…

  schema: {
    context: createSchema<{ foo: number, bar?: number }>(),
    event: createSchema<
      | { type: "X", foo: number }  
      | { type: "Y", bar: number }
    // I prefer "event" instead of "events" because the type is for event and not "events"
    // (unions need to be named singular even though they seem plural)
    // though "events" works too if that's more friendly
  initial: "idle",
  context: { foo: 1 }

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github_iconTop GitHub Comments

devanshjcommented, Jul 9, 2021

Cool so I’ll update the PR soon and it’ll be good to merge!

cassiozencommented, Jun 18, 2021

Oh, that looks pretty good. Let’s go with it.

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