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getting widevine-license error on the spotify web player

See original GitHub issue

I started building a Spotify electron app a while back using the casklabs electron build, it worked fine back then (nearly a year ago). However spinning up the app now U see an issues where Spotify playback starts, then skips tracks then stops.

Looking in the console I am seeing requests being made to

These fail with a 500 error message saying widevine error. I am not making these requests so am wondering if electron is making these by default?

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turbidwatercommented, May 28, 2020

@khwaaj Victory! Changing the signing order fixed all the assets for me! Thank you so much!

To recap, the solution that worked for me was to: Sign Electron First: python ./node_modules/electron/ -C ./VMP/Signed\ by\ widevine/prod-movideon.der -P "MyPassword" -K ./VMP/production-key.pem -v ./node_modules/electron/dist

Build the app and sign with CodeSign using electron-builder: sudo npm run prod

Verify the signature afterwards: python ./node_modules/electron/ -vv -Y -M "" -v ./build/mac/

khwaajcommented, May 25, 2021

This behavior is actually documented in the link I provided above and it relates to how code-signing and VMP-signing works and interacts on the different platforms.

On Windows, like in this case, the code-signing makes changes to the executable itself to store the signature that is generated. The VMP implementation on Windows does not allow any changes to a signed executable, so if the VMP-signature is generated before code-signing it will be broken by the change that code-signing makes. On macOS it is the opposite because of how app-bundles, code-signing and VMP-signing interacts there.

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