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Not able to install 16.2.8 from gitlab runner. Error: rcedit.exe failed with exit code 1. wine: '/root/.wine' is a 32-bit installation

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Hey folks I’m not able to install castlabs electron version 16.2.8. Looks like it generates wrong download url, could you please point out how to specify the correct download URL?

here is error `> electron@16.2.8 postinstall /builds/all/pix/legacy/pix-app/p3/lumiere/node_modules/electron

node install.js HTTPError: Response code 404 (Not Found) for at EventEmitter.<anonymous> (/builds/all/pix/legacy/pix-app/p3/lumiere/node_modules/got/source/as-stream.js:35:24) at EventEmitter.emit (events.js:314:20)`

and here is package.json fragment

"electron": "",

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  • Created 10 months ago
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demchuk-alexcommented, Nov 11, 2022

Ok issue solved, for those who are interested: Lastest versions of castlab electrons 16+ only installed properly with node 16 as mentioned in here

My last question is related to electron-packager usage in gitlab runner with electronuserland/builder:wine docker image, so fix could be found here in nutshell

# Removes the original 32-bit wine prefix from the generated image
rm -rf /root/.wine
# Creates a new 64-bit one

latter will reinitialize wine and successfully package electron app. Anyway @khwaaj Thanks a lot!

khwaajcommented, Nov 10, 2022

Looks like you got a 64-bit rcedit.exe and are trying to run it with 32-bit Wine? You probably need to update the Wine installation somehow, but this is not something I have a great deal of experience with. I recommend Googling it 🙂

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