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Use CamelCase syntax for all classes

See original GitHub issue

I would like to change the syntax of all the classes to use CamelCase, as this is how it should be for modern Python.

I started a pull request for this:

Technically there is nothing really difficult here. There is just a choice to be made for our two main classes describing the different declarations and types: type_t and declaration_t. I was thinking renaming them to DeclarationD and TypeT. The D is for the declaration hierarchy, the T is for the type hierarchy. This would lead to (for example): EnumerationD and ShortIntT.

On reason is to have something in the name that easily allows to see to what class hierarchy the class belongs to. One another reason is that I can not have a Type class (type is a reserved keyword in Python. Type would be fine but I would like to avoid confusions between the lowercase/uppercase version).

I know that @RomanYakovenko @mamoll @MarkOates may have an opinion on this:

  • should it be Declaration and Type, or DeclarationD and a TypeT + D or T suffix for all other classes
  • Should we keep the old syntax around for the 2.0 release. I could do something like this: I was thinking about wrapping this with a deprecation warning, but I am worried performance could take a hit if a lit of warnings need to be printed … so I would prefer to remove the old syntax for 2.0. If people want to keep the old syntax, they can stay on 1.9.0

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  • Created 6 years ago
  • Comments:5 (4 by maintainers)

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RomanYakovenkocommented, Oct 31, 2017

I saw the branch few weeks ago and frankly I don’t know how to receive it or express gently my thoughts. pygccxml coding convention was born in order to make C++ developers feel comfortable with it. Not Python one, but C++. C++ developers was my main target. C++ has codding convention - std/boost libraries. For example - many names in “type traits” functionality are very similar/identical to C++. This is one point of view, another one current users. Why do you want to hurt them? Consider OMPL ( py++/pygccxml performance issues. How many time/effort will be spent just to change the convention and for what? There are few project like it. For those projects investing time into “renaming” is a pure waste of time. Saying that, I understand your desire to make the package to be “Pythonic”. I also understand that in open source & free project it is very important to enjoy from it. May be you need/want to consider to provide “py2to3” like conversion script. So the transition will be “semi/fully” automated. I will test such script on my projects.

Regards, Roman

iMichkacommented, Aug 18, 2018

Abandoning this idea for the moment. Got stuck with other projects, and I have not so much time anymore to take care of pygccxml. So I do not want to generate more work than needed.

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