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Native automatic mixed precision for Catalyst

See original GitHub issue

Native automatic mixed precision support (torch.cuda.amp) is merged:

Not sure if you used Apex Amp, but I know it has many pain points (extension builds, forward/backward compatibilty, DataParallel support, flaky checkpointing, i don’t even know if it can be hacked to handle double backward/gradient penalty, others…). torch.cuda.amp fixes all these, the interface is more flexible and intuitive, and the tighter integration with pytorch brings more future optimizations into scope.

I think the torch.cuda.amp API is a good fit for a higher-level library because its style is more functional (as in, it doesn’t statefully alter anything outside itself). The necessary torch.cuda.amp calls don’t have silent/weird effects elsewhere.

If you want to talk about adding torch.cuda.amp to Catalyst, with an eye towards it becoming the future-proof source of mixed precision, message me on Pytorch slack anytime. I also pinged you there but I’m not sure if you monitor it habitually.

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mcarillicommented, Apr 6, 2020

It’s in master and nightlies. Topk with fp16 tensors is broken on master right now though (unrelated to amp), so I’d give it a week or two before trying. 1.6 will be the first stable release that contains the full torch.cuda.amp.

(Unfortunately I missed the WIP 1.5 release branch due to a tragic comedy: autocast’s initial merge was before the 1.5 fork, but got reverted due to a buggy visual studio 2017 build that wasn’t visible in external CI. I wrote a fix that made the buggy VS build happy, but by then it was too late: 1.5 had already forked, and we couldn’t remerge because the rule is no big feature merges after fork.)

Scitatorcommented, Apr 4, 2020

Thanks for reaching out! We will definitely add this feature. Btw, when should we expect PyTorch release with native automatic mixed precision support ?

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