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Unable to compile for node 10.12.0

See original GitHub issue

Seeing a bunch of Nan::-related warnings, and this error:

.\node_modules\ffi\src\ error C2039: 'ForceSet': is not a member of 'v8::Object' [.\node_modules\ffi\build\ffi_bindings.vcxproj]

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  • State:closed
  • Created 5 years ago
  • Comments:6

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RupWcommented, Oct 24, 2018

See pull request #62 which switches from ffi to ffi-napi to fix this.

For v9 at least you can also use the unreleased master ffi from github, i.e. dependency "ffi": "node-ffi/node-ffi". I can’t remember if this works on v10 or not.

Spowncommented, Oct 29, 2021

no-one’s actively maintaining this package.

well, there is your problem right here.

node ecosystem needs a way of reporting that

and how is the system supposed to determine that “that”? Do they need to employ staff for building and running unit tests on everything or maybe create a neural network doing that? It’s the maintainers job to maintain the module and ensure it’s compatibility. The registry only list’s it. Just because npm introduced some flags in package.json’s schema to make life easier for everyone doesn’t mean they become responsible for everything. They are not Aplle.

Anyway, no need to be that defensive. What I meant with my original comment was “if someone can close the issue - he might as well add this line into package.json” (no need for a PR - it’s not a functional code base change). But if there is no one left here to do even that - then the topic is exhausted.

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